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Capturing the spririt of people
Au coeur de mes photographies, l'être humain.

Nadir Mokdad

For many, it was through music that we discovered Nadir’s Mokdad artistic talent.

 Today, it is a new artistic lens that he is revealing, from hertz to pixels, from sound to images.


Back in 2004, while travelling the Canadian Coast, Vancouver, holding his first camera, the first fruits of his passion were revealed. Discovering this new tool, his first shots already show he can capture instants with his eye.


What about his gaze? Nadir’s photography is first and foremost storytelling, with the aim of translating the essence of characters through a gaze, a face, a shared moment or even a stolen instant at times.


At the heart of his art lays this spontaneity. He uses his camera as an icebreaker to meet different people who come along his way, opening their souls.


Nadir invites us to follow him through his travels, meeting new faces with whom he shared a moment, be it magical or simple, frozen in time through the medium of photography.



Written by Mehdi Mokdad, translated by Olivia Heller.

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